In the Irish Celtic mythology, Samain is the religious celebration which marks the beginning of the Celtic year's "dark" season.
(for the Celts, two seasons made up a year : the dark one and the light one).
It's a transition celebration - the gateway from one year to another - and an openness towards the Other World, the Gods' one, the Sidh.
It is mentioned in plenty of epic Irish stories because, intrinsically, it is conducive to magical and mythical events.
Its value for the Celts is undeniable, since it's known in Gaul under the name Tri nox Samoni (the Samain's three nights).

The Samaïn Fest was created in order to support the Guipel's DIWAN school.

This school started as a project for parents willing to educate their children in Breton language in 2006.
It took two years for the association to achieve it.
DIWAN schools are associative, secular, free and opened to everyone.
To respect those essentials and reach this goal, we had to find children, money and a place to start.
We opened the school in 2008 in a small town's house. Regularly, renewal works were done to expand the place, but the school queekly reached a deadlock, which led us to up and down headcounts.
Bargaining with the Val d'Ille's municipalities finally succeeded in March 2016 to settle the school in Guipel's town, 8 years later.

The aim of the Festival was to set up an event matching us while breaking the codes, the clichés related to Brittany's culture.
A Breton child isn't born blowing in a bagpipe, cooking crepes and dancing Gavotte.
We sure respect the traditionel Country's culture, but we want to highlight Rock bands, Metal bands ... singing in Breton language like Brieg Guerveno, Stangala ...
We want to show another side of the language today.

So we started in 2008 in Braspart under the name " Ruz Tan Glaou" Hot, (very very hot, like fire) with Les Ramoneurs de Menhirs who played freely.
Another project was born in 2011 in a more achieved form : the Samaïn Fest.
In 2012, Vulcain was the headliner but it was a no gain or loss year, which almost means a failure to us, since every profit is given to the school.
In 2013, Les Ramoneurs de Menhirs came freely again, we can never thank them enough : the school's debts were settled thanks to them !
In 2014, the Festival changed in a two day event with Loudblast, Svart Crown, The Decline ! (bands we all love).
The two following editions were true successes with bands such as Gorod, Misanthrope, Barabbas, SUP, Agressor ...

We warmly thank all of the bands supporting us since the beginning and the ever-increasing public, whose good mood and support make every edition a great Pagan celebration !

This Festival is every year a challenge and a true pleasure.

See you in October !